Kranzle Colly 800 Sweeper

Key Features

  • 7 x Faster than using a conventional broom
  • No batteries means no restriction of usage time
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • Dust filter cleans exhaust air leaving the machine
  • Ergonomic adjustable handle for ease of use
  • Easy grip on storage container to empty waste
  • Twin side brooms for extra cleaning speed

Technical Data

  • Working width – 800mm
  • Waste container capacity- 30ltrs
  • Weight- 20kg
  • Drive type- Manual
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The Kranzle Colly 800 is designed for flexible indoor and outdoor cleaning operations without undue effort and ensures perfect cleaning results in all cases.Frees dirt quickly and thoroughly from pavements, driveways and terraces.

The Kranzle Colly 800 is easy to handle, ergonomically designed and productive of efficient results, sweeping areas virtually dust-free, even problematic edges and corners.

Farms and other agricultural businesses as well as workshops, tradesmen and building cleaning services all benefit from cleanly swept areas.