These are the questions that our clients ask. We hope we can answer your question but if not, please get in touch.

Q: Do you repair any make and model of pressure washer and steam cleaner?
A: We can repair nearly all commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. The exception is Chinese manufactured units as there is normally nowhere to obtain parts.

Q: Do you repair vacuum cleaners?
A: Yes we can repair most commercial vacuums.

Q: Do you repair floor cleaners, scrubber driers and sweepers?
A: Yes we repair most commercial cleaning equipment.

Q: Do you sell new and used equipment?
A: Yes we sell new equipment from manufactures including Karcher, Alto, Nilfisk, Cleanwell, Numatic, DirtDriver, Dual Pumps, Kranzle, Interpump. Please get in touch for our stock of used equipment.

Q: Do you have soaps, chemicals and detergents for floor cleaners, pressure washers and steam cleaners?
A: Yes we stock a comprehensive range.

Q: Do you give advice on the phone?
A: We are very happy to help out with advice and guidance.

Q: If the fuse has blown what do I do?
A: Please call us for advice.

Q: The service light is flashing what should I do?
A: Please give us a call to arrange a service as the machine will eventually stop working

Q: What do you do on a service?
A: Replace the pump oil, electrode, fuel jet and filters. Check machine for safety and operation.

Q: My pressure washer is working at low pressure what can I check?
A: Check that the water supply tap is on and there is no kink in the supply hose. Also check for a blockage in the nozzle.

Q; The high-pressure hose has burst or is leaking. Can you repair or replace this?
A: Yes we can help with this. There are many types of hoses, couplings and end fittings so please get in touch so we can help you find the correct one.

Q: My steam cleaner is not heating up what can I check?
A: Make sure that there is sufficient fuel in the tank and that the water supply is switched on. If you need further guidance please give us a call.

Q: How often should I have my machine serviced?
A: If it is used daily then at least twice a year. If it is used once a week or more, once a year.

Q: Do you do on-site repairs?
A: Yes we have fully stocked service vans and trained engineers.

Q: What makes of machine do you repair and service?
A: We repair most makes of cleaning equipment including Karcher, Alto, Nilfisk, Cleanwell, MAC, Numatic, KEW, DirtDriver, Demon, Dual Pumps, Brendon, Kranzle, Interpump, CAT, Speck, Clark, Clarke, Tennant, Gansow.

Q: Do you repair domestic pressure washers?
A: Unfortunately not.

Please call us on 01386 860032 if you need further advice..


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