Karcher NT 40/1 TACT TE L

Key Features

  • Rugged container with bumpers and metal castors
  • Flexible hose and power cable storage
  • Detachable filter casing
  • Central rotary switch for easy use
  • Automatic Filter cleaning to make sure you always have maximum cleaning power
  • Moisture resistant filter
  • Auto shutdown when max. level is reached
  • Automatic on/off control for electric power tools
  • Connector for electric tools

Technical Data

  • Dust Class – L
  • Power – 230 Volt, 1380W
  • Container Volume – 40 Ltr
  • Weight – 14.4kg
  • Dimensions – 560mm, 370mm, 655mm (L, W, H)


Thanks to the new fully automated filter cleaning system, our 40/1 Tact Te L wet and dry vacuum cleaner sucks up quantities of fine dust never before achieved whilst simultaneously guaranteeing filtration efficiency of 99.9%. The device uses sensor-controlled electronics to provide optimum filter cleaning at all times and therefore maintain consistently high suction power. Together with the large, robust 40-litre container with metal castors the device can not only handle very large quantities of hazardous fine dusts in dust class L, but also coarse dirt and liquids. The NT 40/1 Tact Te L features a power outlet with auto-start feature as well as a full antistatic system including conductive accessories. It is therefore ideal for direct suction on power tools which produce large quantities of fine dust. Dust that has already been deposited on the floor or on machines is safely removed using the newly developed accessory kit comprising a 4 m suction hose, stainless steel tubes and a wide floor nozzle. All accessories are stored securely on the device thanks to clever storage solutions.

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