Karcher BD 50/50 C BP PACK CLASSIC

Key Features

  • High contact pressure for great cleaning results
  • Mains independent use without cable tripping hazards.
  • Simple handling thanks to clear control elements with colour-coding
  • Easy charging on any standard socket.
  • Robust, durable, reliable machine.
  • Very manoeuvrable
  • Affordable entry level model
  • Large tank volume for longer cleaning periods

Technical Data

  • Working Width- 510mm
  • Vacuum Width- 900mm
  • Fresh Water Tank- 50ltr
  • Waste Water Tank- 50ltr
  • Drive Type- Maintenance Free 24Volt
  • Run Time- 3Hours (max)


With the BD 50/50 C Bp Pack Classic you always have an optimal view of the area to be cleaned. The small dimensions of this compact and battery powered scrubber drier with sophisticated disc engineering see to this. Notwithstanding the good overview, the operation via the EASY Operation panel from Kärcher is simple. The setting and adjustment options and functions of the machine are also reduced to what is most important so that long familiarisation phases are not required. We recommend the BD 50/50 C Bp Pack Classic for use in supermarkets, hotels, workshops or healthcare facilities.

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