Key Features

  • Massive 3500W Motor Power – Clean Faster
  • Large 80L Stainless Steel tank – Clean For Longer
  • Easy Clean Aqua Dry Filter – Easy Maintenance
  • Lightweight 28ft (8.5m) Reach Gutter Cleaning Accessories – Safely Clean Gutters
  • 5 Metre Yellow Hose – Long Reach  &Yellow Colour to Reduce Trip hazards
  • V-TUF Wireless Vision Camera – Rechargeable, Compact
  • V-TUF 5” Wireless Monitor – With Sunshades and Recording Feature
  • Handy Protective Case
  • Clips To Fit 50-51mm Poles
  • 64GB Micro SD Card Supplied – 10-32 Hours Recording Time

Technical Data

  • Power – 230 Volt, 3500W
  • Cable length – 5 mtr
  • Container Volume – 80 Ltr
  • Weight – 30kg
  • Dimensions – 590mm, 590mm, 1050mm (L, W, H)


Please note: Never use standard extension cords, as these are not sufficient for large multi motor operation and can burn the motors out – use the ‘Motor saver’ extension cords


MAMMOTH240-STAINLESSGC28 –  3500W  Motor Power (80 litre) Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner with 28ft LONG REACH Gutter Cleaning Kit (7x poles at 640g per pole) & 5m Hose
“The V-TUF MAMMOTH240-STAINLESS has arguably one of the most POWERFUL suction head on 240 volts suitable on 13 amp electric supply”
V-TUF MAMMOTH240-STAINLESS has powerful ‘twin impeller’ motors which are independently switched. This means you can choose your suction power by having any number of motors on at any given time. The V-TUF MAMMOTH240-STAINLESS is Large Capacity Industrial WET & DRY Vacuum Cleaner with a tank drain pipe to easily dump the load if you are sucking heavy material like liquids. There is a variety of filtration methods for various applications (see COMMON SERVICE PARTS and ACCESSORIES below). The MAMMOTH240-STAINLESS comes as standard with a AQUA DRY basket ‘easy to wash’ filter for sucking a broad range of materials from liquid, solids to dust. Some companies keep a spare AQUA DRY filter for a quick change over in busy times. The MAMMOTH240-STAINLESS does not have any expensive circuit boards. The V-TUF GCXVISO takes the guesswork out of gutter cleaning. Wireless Camera & Monitor makes setup quick and simple.

  • 7m, 10m, 15m Hose options available. (There is an extra cost for these)
  • No Bags Required, but if you do want bags the code is VTVS055
  • Extra Long 5m Cable
  • Impact Resistant Construction
  • 7 x Straight Aluminium Gutter Pole sections; 1x 45 degree flexi elbow; 1x Gutter nozzle.
  • Steel Tube standard vacuum lance kit
  • Quality, replaceable ‘two stage’ Motors