Key Features

  • TS : Total-Stop version, saving wear to seals if the machine is used intermittently but left switched on for long periods
  • Convenient, space-saving & compact design
  • Stainless steel wall mount shelf
  • 20 mtr Hose reel inc link hose
  • Q/R Trigger gun with safety catch
  • Q/R Stainless steel lance with spray nozzle
  • 5 m power lead with molded UK 3-pin plug
  • Silent and durable electrical induction motor
  • Kranzle Foam Cannon
  • Q/R Dirtkiller lance, (optional)

Technical Data

  • Machine – 10/122 or 7/122
  • Flow – 600 litres per hour / 10 LPM or 420 litres per hour / 7 LPM
  • Pressure – 120 Bar / 1740 Psi
  • RPM – 2800 rpm or 1400rpm
  • Power – 230 Volt, 2.5 Kw, 13 amp Standard plug
  • Weight – 23 kg


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Introducing our Platinum Package: the ideal solution for a fixed machine in any garage, workspace, detailing shop, or workshop. This premium package includes a stainless steel shelf for secure wall mounting, and a 20-meter hose reel connected to the machine, giving you effortless reach around your vehicle or wash area. Additionally, the package features a high-quality foam cannon, perfect for thoroughly washing vehicles. Elevate your cleaning efficiency with our comprehensive Platinum Package.

Offering outstanding high performance, robust quality suitable for commercial use our smaller sized portable pump and motor HD delivers a real punch! Built and designed for professional use, the HD-Series are increasingly popular with mobile detailers and valeters offering incredible power from a compact high-pressure cleaner.

The 10/122 and 7/122 has an output volume of 10 or 7  litres per minute, ideal when being used off mains water. With 120 bar pressure this machine will cut through grime and dirt you put in its way. Built with a heavy duty electrical motor this machine will operate quietly and have a long life expectancy. Portable and practicable with an easy carry handle and space saving design. A pressure control valve is situated on the side of the machine to allow the user to fully adjust the pressure to suit the task in hand. The TS model stands for Total stop, this means the machine will stop when the trigger is depressed, saving wear to the seals, pump and motor.

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