KRANZLE 1152 TS / TST *230Volt*

Key Features

  • Roto-Mold trolley takes rough ground in its stride
  • Neat arrangement system
  • Q/R Trigger gun with safety catch M2000
  • Integrated hose drum (TST model)
  • 15 m high-pressure hose, with swivel
  • Q/R Vario-Jet lance with stainless steel pipe
  • Q/R Dirtkiller lance with stainless steel pipe
  • 5 M power lead with molded UK 3-pin plug with cable reel
  • Quiet and durable electric induction motor (2,800 rpm)
  • TS : Total-Stop motor version

Technical Data

  • Flow – 600 litres per hour / 10 LPM
  • Pressure – 130 Bar / 1880 Psi
  • RPM – 2800 rpm
  • Power – 230 Volt, 2.8 Kw, 13 amp Standard plug
  • Weight – 28 / 30 kg
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Offering outstanding high performance, robust quality suitable for commercial use our smaller sized pump and motor delivers a real punch! Built and designed for professional use, the K 1152’s are increasingly popular with Home & Garden users offering incredible power from a mid-sized high-pressure cleaner.

If your pressure washing requirements are not more than 3-4 hours per day then the faster motor speed of these which acheives the extra performance is ideal for light to mid use operator requirements.